Monday, January 09, 2012

Run 2012

Goodness! Marathon is making me addictive. When you hear 42.195km, you will shiver. But who cares! I love the feel of accomplishments when i complete the marathon. You got to respect the distance. Don't be a fool!

After my last run which was nike, i tutup my running season. Thus happily i was enjoying all the foods till i got fugged by doctor for having high cholesterol. And then now in 2012, i just started back running with foundation again. Having bought new shoe (newton), i need to change or improve my style of running yang teramat cacat.

Cut the crap.

Fast forward now.

I have registered 2 runs.

To register & more info click here
 Brooks Half Marathon it is. I doing 21km for this. With another good news, two of my 'heng dais' will be running as well. Hopefully they have registered. If not me going to disturb them!

To register & more info click here
PJ Dawn leh, i am going for 12km. I would want to mix my run this year.

Oh yes. Me is no those fellas that is gunning for personal best timing. My aim is to complete the run & enjoy the process. Possibly i look forward to improve my timing bit by bit with god's permission.

Yes 2 registered. Now hunting for other new runs.

Bai Bai

Thursday, January 05, 2012

My Massage Rantings.

Ooo lalaa..

Went in my dashboard to do some tweekings.. I'm so out of date. I can't figure out how to deal with all the advancement already. gosh! So i am having troubles to tweek my darn blog.

While i was flicking my (tounge) on the buttons, i went back to my older postings + read the comments left by you guys. My oh my! Been such a long time i have been in blogging scene.

Made me wanting to blog back again. What shall i write about?


What about my new found certification? What? Sports Injury Massage is my certification i got. Oh & i am doing it part-time as well. So anyone wants a session do arrange timing with me as well yea. :P

Cool experience. What made me took? err.... one is helps my knowledge in coaching. Two is can earn extra income. Third is i can help people. Fourth is i can be spiritually focused, calm & giving. Fourth is giving my other half a good rub all the time. And so on......

There are tonnes of stylo massage in the market. What is the difference between Sports Massage & the normal massage you get in those so called spa, day spa or massage parlor?

image courtesy from
image courtesy form

 Sports Massage does not limit only for athletes. It is for all kind of aliens although it was initially developed for athletes only. This type of massage prepares your bodyf or optimal performance, recover after a big event, or function well during training. Not only when you are doing sports. It reflects in your working environments as well!

Sports Massage is one type of a sweedish massage. Therefore it is an oil based process + others term it as deep tissue massage.

Sports massage is also good for people with injuries, chronic pain or restricted range of motion.

What benefits that you will get from getting this massage?
1. Pain!!! be prepared it will be a hell lot of pain if you were not fixed in a long time.
2. It will enhance overall body awareness.
3. Speeding up recovery from muscular exertion. (whole day in office using mouse, facing computer, train too much & so on)
4. Stretch & relaxes your muscle.
5. Relieve muscle pain & spasms.
6. Flush out toxins that cause muscle stiffness & soreness.
7. Improve range of motion.
8. Relax the mind & body.
9. Get in touch with your body.

Normally the body parts with stiffness or have lactic acid build-up will feel the pain during the massage or some say feels good during & after the massage. Other body parts with no muscle stiffness will not feel the pain. Instead it will feel normal only.

This type of massage, you will feel good the follow few days or weeks. It also depends on how severe your condition is. It is best to do at least two week once.

Compare to the normal massage. The normal massage we get is normally feel bloody good during the session & day only. It is a feel good massage which i like as well. hehe. Plues when you see those advertisements, you will see the females either will have a flower on their ear & the expression is smiling. I can't remember did i smile all the way during the session or not. Normal massage normally will have fancy-fancy stylo mailo funny stuffs being placed on our body.
image courtesy from (you see fancy stuff)
image courtesy from
Can you show your teeth & smile all the time during the session???

image courtesy from 
I would recommend switching between this 2 sessions in order get your body in good working conditions.

By the way, what is sweedish massage? Swedish massage is the classic Western massage style, using massage oil and long flowing strokes.

I shall do some postings regarding types of massage in coming posts. yum yum..

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Year End Recap

I have neglected my blog very dinosaur long.  It's time again, ending year of 2011. People reviewing their whole year result (KPI) & then declaring or put up new resolutions.

How did you do in 2011?  Did your resolutions worked out? or it was just a piece of nice shit being penned to impress in the end nothing happened? I hope it worked out well for you guys too.

This year for me... been full of drama, ups & downs, full of colors. 1st of all, i have completed 2 marathons, been consistently coaching squash the whole year, got my certification in squash, certification in sports injury massage, my girlfriend ran her very first 10km which i paced her, did kl towerthon together as well + work related been full of endless drama for growth & experience.

As for squash coaching, i did said i wanted to have 20 students. Of 20, i got only 10. It is not easy as i thought. So, next time before declaring anything please do your fugling research. Still at least i tried & managed to gain experience from it. Private coaching 1:1 is not easy to get 20. It takes consume tonnes of timing minus being stucked in the jam.
Level 1 Squash Certification
Squash Coaching Conference 2011
Squash Coaching Conference 2011 with coaches from Malaysia, Singapore.
 Because i craved for knowledge & to compliment my coaching experience, i took a bold step to get myself certified as sports massage therapist. This is a bonus for me. Never in my mind i would take this certification. Pheewww~~~~ So now i am a certified sports therapist!.
Sports Injury Massage Certification

Apart from squashing & running & massaging, work wise been hell of drama. Will not touch about it because i gain valuable experience from it. Now i considered going into new untouched territory, given exposure, guidance, trust & other positive feedbacks.

The most memorable achievement that i did is in running. I completed 2 marathons!!!!

My 2nd Marathon
My 2nd Medal!

The 1st was Standard Chartered KL Marathon & 2nd was Penang Bridge International Marathon. Completed both!

I did KOTR 2011

Gained valuable experience. Why? because during the run, it taught me things that i can put it into my daily life. At first before i decided to try on directly from 10km to 42.195km, i said to myself can i do it? Then there was one angel slapped my head with my yellow crocs shoe. He said, when you say you can then you can. If you can't then you can't. So there it goes, i rolled up my sleeves & oh my fugly god!! i did it!!!!.. Still i want to thank this friend who told my that i can do. She's no other than Chooi Wan, this crazy lady is one of the sifu in running arena. She brain washed me. muahahahhaa....

So as i registered for my 1st marathon, some of the people asked & gave me a reply of negative feedbacks. Initially it pulled me back abit. Then i told myself. You guys watch out. Wait for my news, i will complete it! There it goes, eat this! Along this journey, it have opened my horizon. It let me see that i got to enjoy every process along my journey no matter how difficult it is, how challenging, how long it takes, as long as i strengthen my mental, i will reach the finishing line. It taught me that sleep can wait. It taught me to be different from others even though i may sound crazy. It taught me to be patient, love life. It taught me alot more which can't be described.

I completed my SCKLM. Best experience because i walked kangkang like got fugged by gays!! Can't walk properly for 3days. That's the amount of days it took me to recover to be able to walk. All this due to my legs did not get enough mileage. Then comes to PBIM, i thanked myself for being able to walk better compare to the 1st run.. hahaha.. All this made me sacrifice my time, training for it, making me addicted to it. As previously whenever i run 10km, my legs would be pain like those normal guys. Now 10km is just a normal stroll in saturdays. No pain no gain. 10km i proudly say sap sap water. Don't ask me for timing lah. very teruk one. hehehe... I focus only enjoying my run, completing, enjoy the process as a healthy lifestyle.

Now going to 2012, i can do 10km without any problem by complaining like a pussy. I am fitter even though not that fit enough. I started back playing squash & met alot of new friends. Hopefully it will help propel me to be fitter than 2011.

The happiest of all is my girlfriend at last did her first 10km. Before that, sure lots of drama for asking her to join in. Did her first in Nike run. Because of this & an encouragement, i paced her & making sure she get to complete it with good experience. Too bad, because lack of training, her knee is swollen & i am there again as therapist to give her a good rub..  Need time to recover back & change her shoe if she wants to run. Most importantly plenty of training with basic foundation strong. I am so proud of her!
The Tummy Pair!


Great Work!!

Done!! & Proud!

And then i went to Macau & HongKong which was completely planned by scratch. Luckily the trip went well & the big boss loved it.
Senado Square (Macau)

Ruins of St.Paul? (Macau)
Portugese Tart (Macau)

Double layer milk (Macau)
Best Beef Wantan Noodle Soup (Hong Kong)

Food Hunting (Hong Kong)
While in Hong Kong, got the chance to see some Bersih2.0 HK version. The police controlled the traffic, keep the demonstrators happy. Not like in boleh land, the gahment got no balls, gag all the oppositions, only they can hold demonstrations. We felt so safe there. No tear gas, water canon, no police whacking & lokap, no ISA. I still can afford to take pix!

Again Peaceful

Boleh Lagi Take Pix!!!!!!

They are so Obedient.

Jalan Aje. Not like in Boleh Land.

One Line, One Lane

Lengjai Police Controlling Traffic. No Tear Gas.

Still Can Take Pix on Their Helmet. Did Not got Whacked!

Vroom Vroom... No Tangkap.

Banner all the Way!

Some More Got Drumming Aunties!

It was Like 'Flower Car'
You See!!
 And then there was another part in town where the Filipino maids did their stuff too!! At high-end area lagi.
No Tear Gas

No Water Canon

They Can Sing Lagi

& We Happily Snap

+ Camwhored abit

Infront of where?? Can you See??
Later then we went to Singa the Pura Pura for a short trip. I was the photo the grapher so to say. hiak hiak hiakkkkk~~~~ All the images taken are without flashlight. All using manual settings.
The Monkee

When you are bored in the bus.

Model wannabe

Mother & Daughter model


Devil wears Pink

Happy Famileeee


Father Scold the Sons

Little Brother crying

Papa Strip Little Son to Check JJS

Perfect Couple

Not to forget my best birthday gift of all. JACKY CHEUNG concert in bkt jalil! I get to watch my idol to perform live!! i repeat.. LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Best of the bestedededededededed. Even now i am typing with jacky in youtube.
The Ticket

Waiting for the Show
Then i did my first tiramisu as a gift to my girlfriend during her birthday. Thank so sifu Vanessa for assisting me. Did a surprise birthday bash at Souled Out for her too.

Ingredients of Love

End Product
Then my house in hometown did the very first christmas carol since we shifted in.

My bloody yearly ritual. I have always believe in being bloody. Helping people.
Bloody Big Needle
Me being cool. Mrs Nurse so cool help to snap me.

I got twice bloody tyre punctured!!! bloody swei 2011.. This is the first time i encountered puncture. Changing tyre twice & thank god i am no dumb ass that do not know how to change a bloody tyre. Alot of drivers are so dumb & all they know is drive only. Without know the basic skills! Sorry if anyone of you are in this category. Obviously you guys need to equip yourself especially females.
This got in Jln Ampang

Next morning only knew i kena

My ah ma kehpo see i change.
There is too much in 2011 to put it in here to recap. Only the memorable ones is here.

Fast forward to 2012. What will i expect? Lets see what's the shit about.

1. Marathon. Mesti lari lah. How many?? I don't know yet. I planned to do an oversea run. Maybe better the timing of SCKLM & PBIM. Then other 10km & 21km. Hopefully my friends can join in the fun.

2. Work. It will be a tough year in work. Leading a bunch of monkeys with high expectation of churning results. I will expect myself to be stern in order to get the results. Indirectly i will put positive stress & pressure to make things work. If the project that i worked on now materialized, it will be even more sleepless night. This year will be work, stress, work, pressure, work, result, result, result & huat ah!!!!

3. Knowledge. If time permits, i shall hunt down Sports Science Level1 & Squash Coaching Level2 if it ever be head by ASF.

4. Maybe the next level in life. Spiritually.

5. Getting fitter, Healthier, Happier, more Abundance than 2011.

I can't predict what will the journey be. I can only work for it, face it, move it, go for it, no bullshits, make it work, lead the bunch of monkeys, establish the company's position. There will be no reason to surrender in 2012. If i surrender, i fail. Time to soar like a seagull.

How did you fare in 2011 & what's in 2012 for you?