Thursday, January 05, 2012

My Massage Rantings.

Ooo lalaa..

Went in my dashboard to do some tweekings.. I'm so out of date. I can't figure out how to deal with all the advancement already. gosh! So i am having troubles to tweek my darn blog.

While i was flicking my (tounge) on the buttons, i went back to my older postings + read the comments left by you guys. My oh my! Been such a long time i have been in blogging scene.

Made me wanting to blog back again. What shall i write about?


What about my new found certification? What? Sports Injury Massage is my certification i got. Oh & i am doing it part-time as well. So anyone wants a session do arrange timing with me as well yea. :P

Cool experience. What made me took? err.... one is helps my knowledge in coaching. Two is can earn extra income. Third is i can help people. Fourth is i can be spiritually focused, calm & giving. Fourth is giving my other half a good rub all the time. And so on......

There are tonnes of stylo massage in the market. What is the difference between Sports Massage & the normal massage you get in those so called spa, day spa or massage parlor?

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 Sports Massage does not limit only for athletes. It is for all kind of aliens although it was initially developed for athletes only. This type of massage prepares your bodyf or optimal performance, recover after a big event, or function well during training. Not only when you are doing sports. It reflects in your working environments as well!

Sports Massage is one type of a sweedish massage. Therefore it is an oil based process + others term it as deep tissue massage.

Sports massage is also good for people with injuries, chronic pain or restricted range of motion.

What benefits that you will get from getting this massage?
1. Pain!!! be prepared it will be a hell lot of pain if you were not fixed in a long time.
2. It will enhance overall body awareness.
3. Speeding up recovery from muscular exertion. (whole day in office using mouse, facing computer, train too much & so on)
4. Stretch & relaxes your muscle.
5. Relieve muscle pain & spasms.
6. Flush out toxins that cause muscle stiffness & soreness.
7. Improve range of motion.
8. Relax the mind & body.
9. Get in touch with your body.

Normally the body parts with stiffness or have lactic acid build-up will feel the pain during the massage or some say feels good during & after the massage. Other body parts with no muscle stiffness will not feel the pain. Instead it will feel normal only.

This type of massage, you will feel good the follow few days or weeks. It also depends on how severe your condition is. It is best to do at least two week once.

Compare to the normal massage. The normal massage we get is normally feel bloody good during the session & day only. It is a feel good massage which i like as well. hehe. Plues when you see those advertisements, you will see the females either will have a flower on their ear & the expression is smiling. I can't remember did i smile all the way during the session or not. Normal massage normally will have fancy-fancy stylo mailo funny stuffs being placed on our body.
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Can you show your teeth & smile all the time during the session???

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I would recommend switching between this 2 sessions in order get your body in good working conditions.

By the way, what is sweedish massage? Swedish massage is the classic Western massage style, using massage oil and long flowing strokes.

I shall do some postings regarding types of massage in coming posts. yum yum..

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