Monday, January 09, 2012

Run 2012

Goodness! Marathon is making me addictive. When you hear 42.195km, you will shiver. But who cares! I love the feel of accomplishments when i complete the marathon. You got to respect the distance. Don't be a fool!

After my last run which was nike, i tutup my running season. Thus happily i was enjoying all the foods till i got fugged by doctor for having high cholesterol. And then now in 2012, i just started back running with foundation again. Having bought new shoe (newton), i need to change or improve my style of running yang teramat cacat.

Cut the crap.

Fast forward now.

I have registered 2 runs.

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 Brooks Half Marathon it is. I doing 21km for this. With another good news, two of my 'heng dais' will be running as well. Hopefully they have registered. If not me going to disturb them!

To register & more info click here
PJ Dawn leh, i am going for 12km. I would want to mix my run this year.

Oh yes. Me is no those fellas that is gunning for personal best timing. My aim is to complete the run & enjoy the process. Possibly i look forward to improve my timing bit by bit with god's permission.

Yes 2 registered. Now hunting for other new runs.

Bai Bai

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